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Please don’t touch my shit.

hop over to this site Okay, well, you know while we’re talking about growing food, we were going to get to talking about shit. Because not all shit’s bad. But I seriously didn’t think we’d be talking about human shit.

buy isotretinoin acne I know we’re animals, and if we all ate clean food to begin with, and never took any pharmaceutical medicine, our waste products might not be so scary. But let’s think about this for a second.

How much medication do we take on a daily basis as a nation? And where do you think all the side products of that medication go?There are also people who will just pour unused medication down the toilet. Where do you think that goes? Do you think it really gets all filtered out?

Think about what you did first thing this morning. Maybe took a shower and used all sorts of products with sodium laurel sulfate, a host of other chemicals, including parabens which are known to be carcinogenic, and then you put on your makeup and washed your brush to get rid of the bacteria. Have you ever looked at the ingredients list in the back of your cosmetics packaging? We’re washing that stuff down the drain too.

People sometimes say to me, “Well something will kill you, one way or the other.” I can’t argue with that. But I’m not going to help them. And if you think this is just a fact with a small impact, there is actually a court case in Georgia where sewage sludge killed 300 cows. COWS. We’re not talking about the canaries they used to take into landmines that are crazy super sensitive. COWS. Apparently we’ve replaced canaries with livestock as the leading indicators.

Putting this stuff into the ground allows it to be taken up by the food we’re eating so we can put it right back into our bodies. It’s not just crap that’s going down the drain, it’s our health too.

‘Nuff said.

For more details, read here: Center for Food Safety Sewage Sludge Details