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She’s prrrrrrrrty….

The first stage when I realized what was going on in our food supply was what we were eating. At the front line was everything I was feeding my kids.

After that was settled, I started thinking about what we were putting on our skin. Did you now that 70 percent of what you put on your skin is absorbed into the body? It’s why transdermal medicine works, including nicotine patches and pain medications.

At first I was so skeeved out when I started looking at the ingredients on the products in our house I thought about just going bare, which I did a for a couple of months, but I am what my good friend Melissa calls an “Armani Hippie”. Mama loves a good Chanel purse and some designer jeans with a nice tall boot by my man Stuart. I couldn’t go bare faced for long. Amy Schumer knows what I’m talking about.

Here’s what I changed out:

Deodorant: This area of the body is right near the lymph nodes, so whatever is being absorbed there has a quick path through the body. Notice I said deodorant, not anti-perspirant. You have to sweat to eliminate toxins. Not sweating is like holding in your pee. It’s not going to end well. I use Whole Foods’ bridge brand, Milk+Honey. There are two scents I know of, one with clove and another with vanilla. I like them both; the vanilla reminds me of a warm cupcake and the clove makes me smell like a chai. When it’s really hot I swear I smell like I just came from Starbucks. (This one’s for the super nice woman I met the other day at the Vegas Encore spa. Thanks for reading!)

Makeup: I use Vapour Organic Beauty Stratus Luminous Instant Skin Perfector. You don’t even need a brush although I like to  use a round foundation one because I find it gIves a more even application. Their colors are amazing, especially for lipstick. They get some of the subtleties of color the large cosmetic houses do, and the effect is very Bobbi Brown, but without a lot of extra fillers and preservatives. If you have dry skin it’s a bonus that it’s all stick based and so gives a little kick of moisture. I prefer the highlighter to the foundation but it’s a coverage thing.

Skincare: I found essential oils in the last year or so and I mostly use those for everything. It is tough to get a good blend and play with adjusting proportions for the face, though, so I use Vapour’s Restorative Night Treatment morning and evening. I also just discovered Evan Healy’s Rose Geranium Facial Tonic and Cleansing Milk and both of those are incredible. Organic and not any extra shit. (Organic is on the label; no extra shit is not exactly phrased that way.) The rose water tonic is perfect to take on a plane to mist yourself especially if it’s a long flight. It also helps absorb and retain more of the oils. I use the cleansing milk with my Clarisonic brush.

Toothpaste: I use either Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint or Redmond Earthpaste. Neither has flouride, and that’s just fine by me. The kids use Kiss my Face without fluoride. I tried doing a home made clay version but I didn’t think to use a sweeter oil than peppermint and they flipped me the proverbial bird, so that ship sailed. Leaving it in the tube always ends up with lots on the counter, so I got a fresh soap pump and put the toothpaste in there; it always dispenses the perfect amount for a little person’s toothbrush.

Hair Shampoo: Alaffia, preferably unscented because then I can just add in whatever I want, lavender, peppermint or rose. I decant those into the Simple Human automatic dispensers so that if nothing else, I didn’t have to pump my own soap when I get into the shower. I like to save that energy for nagging my kids to get on the bus on time.

Hair Conditioner: I use either Argan oil or Squalane oil, applied to the very tips after getting out of the shower and then brush with a nontangle brush starting at the bottom and then brushing down successively from higher and higher up. Then I either air dry or use an ionic hair dryer. Like I said, Armani hippie.

Feminine products: Organic cotton only, because if you think about putting even minute amounts of bleach in your va-j-j for more than thirty seconds you gotta make a different choice.  Even better might be a cup. I know, if you cannot handle the goo it’s a bit much but I am a big fan and it actually allows me to measure flow so I have a gauge on the health of that system. The cups often have a line marker so you can track fluid ounces if you are worried about high blood loss. I am sorry for any guy who just read that, and extra sorry for any gay man who just read that.

Hand sanitizer: I mix my own, which includes tea tree oil Tea Tree Oil and Lavender Essential Oil topped off with some water. Whole Foods sells empty spray bottles in cobalt blue which I think is pretty; otherwise you can hit the Container Store if you like a straight clear color. If you are feeling extra industrious, you can go to Nordstrom and get a perfume atomizer for $6 and decant the mixture in there. I love that the spray mechanism is nice and smooth, and I feel like I am treating myself when I do a sanitizer spray. The only downside is that the little atomizers kind of look like pocket vibrators. It’s the satin pouch that sends it over the edge. Just sayin’. If you can’t get to Nordie’s there’s a pretty pink one on Amazon.

If you want to know more nitty gritty details about the specific chemicals, this is an excellent article!