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GMO Doubt About It – It’ll Probably Kill You

Okay, enough fun and games with Thanksgiving and all that. Back to the organic definition bandwagon. The next one up is…GMOs. What are they?

The basic idea is that Monsanto inserts bacterial DNA into specific plants, like corn or soy (more than 90% of the corn and soy in the United States in genetically modified), which allows them to do three things:

  1. They can patent the seeds so that farmers always have to buy seeds from them in order to grow crops (otherwise farmers would save seeds and replant per traditional farming custom, which is why we have such things as “heirloom tomatoes”, “native corn”, etc.”
  2. The bacterial DNA is designed to make the plant produce its own insecticide. And this is produced from within, so there’s no washing this off. It’s inside the flesh of the plant. The fact that the insecticide is inside the plant isn’t enough – it actually makes the plant more resistant to Roundup, which is an organophosphate. Remember the post about sarin gas? Riiiigggghhht. Roundup is linked with sterility, hormone disruption and birth defects. If that’s not enough, the World Health Organization just came out with a ruling that it’s likely carcinogenic to humans. Here’s the Scientific American article.
  3. Because the seeds cross-pollinate, Monsanto regularly patrols other farms (especially conventional ones trying to go organic) to find seeds that have errantly cross-pollinated and to fine them large sums of money because they are using the technology and haven’t paid for the patent. This usually puts them out of business or off track so they can’t complete the process.

Okay, so what about the “crazy hippie” factor? Like is this something cooked up by a bunch of doobie-smoking people in Vermont who just want more cows to be happy? And if it were that bad, why would the United States, a first world nation, allow it? Don’t we have the FDA?

Yes, we have the FDA. But the guy in charge of food safety right now is Michael Taylor. Michael Taylor was a former attorney and later the Vice President of Monsanto. Uh, conflict of interest, anyone? It’s no small wonder that the FDA never required safety testing for GMOs under the auspices that it wasn’t really all that different. EXCEPT IT WAS.

Oh, and the argument that we can’t feed the world if we don’t go GM? Bogus. It doesn’t increase yields. But it messes up the soil for decades because of the constant dousing of the crops with Roundup, cancer causer extraordinaire.

The biggies to stay away from? Corn, soy and canola.

Canola isn’t even a thing. It’s CAN for Canada, and OLA for oil. It’s really rapeseed oil, but as you can imagine, an oil with the word rape in it doesn’t really sell so well. You don’t need a marketing degree to figure that one out. Rapeseed oil goes rancid very quickly, and so in the processing they douse it with all sorts of deodorants and caustic agents. Which they don’t have to disclose because it’s proprietary. So you’ll never know what trace elements of bleach you have in our cooking oil, which you’re using to “gently saute” your super healthy vegetables and tofu. Which include corn and soy.

Corn syrup, and tons of soy fillers are used in processed foods, which are supposed to be healthy. Those “health bars”? Loaded with sugar (also made from genetically modified beets, by the way), corn syrup, and soy proteins. We were never meant to consume this amount of soy. It disrupts all sorts of hormonal pathways, even if you’re eating organic soy. My favorite B.S. soy product is soy protein isolate. You know what that is? MSG. The same crap bad Chinese restaurants use. Tread carefully.