Share and Share Alike This post is most salient for those of you who are local, but I believe in putting my money where my mouth is, so we do several shares every month in addition to regular runs to the grocery store.

Premarin by mail order Spring’s basically here which means a CSA for produce (in the winter we have a small winter garden for lettuce in our backyard and hit Whole Foods to peruse what’s on sale to make that for dinner).

My CSA of choice is buy propecia bangkok LexFarm because it’s: a) local and b) the food is grown using organic methods. That means that my carbon footprint is lower, and I get my organic on. I know there is no sewer sludge anywhere near the fertilizer at this farm. Because that’s disgusting. And full disclosure, I’m on the board this year. Until they get sick of my bad puns. 75% of the shares are sold as of today but if you are interested in signing up, you can do that here. If you aren’t close to Lexington, you can see what’s available on

Because we are lucky enough to live on a coast, and we love to eat seafood, we also participate in a fish share. Ours is Cape Ann Fish Share, and we usually do a one or two pound fillet. You can decide not to deliver for certain weeks if you’re going away this summer. We do this one all year round. They fish sustainably and you get top of the catch, which means the fish were usually caught that morning. Seriously, yum.

We also do a meat share year round with Chestnut Farm, which does have a waitlist, but you can find more about it here. I love Kim. And I also love bacon. And I really love when Kim brings me bacon.

I do not receive kickbacks of any sort, although I do donate my time to LexFarm and would love to see all three of these organizations thrive. (If you have a metric for good karma, I suppose you can count that as a kickback. Otherwise, good luck gathering that data.) If you do sign up, please mention me only so they know how you found out! Small organizations like these need that kind of information. If you want to let me know you signed up, I would be grateful too.

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