If I Ever See…

buy Quetiapine on line without a rx Right before the 2004 Indonesian tsunami hit, people reported all sorts of strange animal behavior. One of the things that has stayed with me after all this time is how animals who usually have predator and prey relationships were seen side by side, trotting up to higher ground.

Carlos Mencia has this wonderful bit in an old standup routine where he says, “If I EVER see a mouse on the back of a cat, on the back of a dog, on the back of a hyena, on back of a tiger” (or something to that effect because I cannot for the life of me find the clip or it would be here), I AM FOLLOWING THEM.”

A few months ago, I watched a documentary about cancer. I watched all nine episodes, about 13 hours worth. I haven’t made up my mind about whether I am agreed with everything presented, including forgoing chemotherapy, but I gotta say that everything presented with relation to food were conclusions I came to myself in the last three years of research.

Here’s what I found interesting. When you look at the interviewees (biased sample population, I know), they ran the entire social gamut. I mean, we’re talking born again Christians, the kind who will exclaim “Thank you, Jesus!” if they have a good golf swing to really liberal cannabis-loving characters, including one guy who looked to me like an older version Willy Wonka in the Johnny Depp remake of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. This reminds me of the movement against fracking. my company Very. Strange. Bedfellows.

The one conclusion I have is this: eating organic, non-processed foods and feeding them to my family might not indemnify us from ever getting sick, but I’m not doing anything that’s more likely to knock the pin loose on the grenade in my pocket.

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